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Terin Mayer

I'd add to what Karina mentioned that not only does the Four Eyed Monsters project change the way that the film gets edited and the you conceive of the whole project, but it almost stops being about the film at all. I'll explain.

In the podcasts, there's a whole drama about a few of their actors wanting directorial credits they really didn't deserve. While they try doing a fair job of showing the different sides of the controversy, there are a few characters who you end up not liking. These actors are definately drama queens.

So at the end of the screening, the directors are there. And they're doing Q&A and then, all of the sudden, they ask anyone who worked on the film to come up. And there's this one dramaqueen actor (boo, hiss). And he starts giving them notes on the re-edit and totally upstaging them. And its almost hard to believe, because he's so exactly how he comes off in the podcasts.

But then, its not a movie any more. Its theater now. But its also their lives. And then you're confused because you thought people like that would have to be performing some how. And they are. But as much as they are always. Which is... how much? Who knows!
People asked about how Arin and Susan's relationship was, what's more.

Its this whole world of drama that is both real and not real because its been fed to you in the form of a refined miniseries. And, because its been spread through social networks, it feels a little like gossip. Which is why, I think, its so good. Because its distribution makes it different, it makes the whole thing a little incestuous, and for a "movie" about art and relationships, it works.


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